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Books - Scientific research papers

Here are descriptions of my three published books and copies of a few of my research papers.

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Books by David.

Living at Micro Scale - 2011.

Living at MicroScale outlines the basic physics that controls the behavior of microorganisms. It is important because many physical properties are very different at this size scale than at the familiar human scale. In size, bacteria are to humans as humans are to the earth. Differences can be dramatic; although we use flat paddles to propel ourselves, bacteria use long cylinders because they are more efficient at their size scale. The results are of interest to engineers designing micro robots as well as to biologists. The book is available at Harvard University Press: http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674060210 .

Life at Small Scale: The Behavior of Microbes - 1996.

Life at Small Scale is a popular science book in the Scientific American Library series with many beautiful color pictures. It has been remaindered by the publisher and is available for a few dollars. This book describes the world of microorganism, with an emphasis on behaviors. The cover displays an image of various stages of slime mold cells aggregating into a "slug" that migrates to the surface (using temperature gradients as a guide) and forming a fruiting body that can release spores into the wind for more effective dispersal.

Sensory Ecology: How Organisms Acquire and Respond to Information - 1992.

Sensory Ecology has long been out of print, but still commands a high price on the used market. This book describes the basic physics that controls the behavior of organisms of all types, from bacteria to whales and plants. For example, is it physically possible for whales to communicate across an ocean by sound? The cover includes a picture of a moth responding to hearing the search cries of a bat by plummeting to the ground; here sounds dominate the behavior of both hunter and prey.

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A few scientific research papers by David:

A more complete list of research papers is available at PubMed and Google Scholar .

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Last revised 10 April 2014.

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