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Duck nest

Here are a few pictures and comments about the mallard duck nest along Peavine Creek, April 2008.

17 April 2008.

There's a nest under that small azalea bush.

17 April 2008.

Really. It's in there.

17 April 2008.

Now you can see the mother on her nest.

17 April 2008.

Another view.

23 April 2008.

Six days later, she's still on the nest.

24 April 2008.

Next day, while she's away, we can see some of the eggs and down in the nest.

27 April 2008.

Returning 3 days later, the nest has been disturbed and dug out.

27 April 2008.

Eggs are broken.

27 April 2008.

More broken eggs.

27 April 2008.

Eggs scattered about.

Who did it? Probably a raccoon. They patrol the creek shore nightly. I'm surprised it took this long for a predator to discover the nest.

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